Ukrainian aircraft industry in dire state

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  There are some arguments to prove that Russia is interested in Ukrainian aircraft building industry. First, having succeeded in producing fighter aviation, Russia feels extremely weak in the area of production of passenger liners and special designation planes. Even the likely success of Superjet-100 is, to a greater extent, related to the resolution of the political task of developing cooperation with European companies than directly to Russian production: it has too many western units (it is European almost by one third), and its price is not affordable for the majority of Russian air companies (almost 29m dollars compared with 22m). The second reason is a consequence of the first one: building of special Russian aircraft depends on the Ukrainian side due to the fact that the developer of this plane is of Ukrainian origin. Having accepted the aircraft building corporation and engine building entities under its wing, the Russian Federation would be able to build a priorities line without taking the views of Ukrainians into account by switching to market laws. In many aircraft building areas, Ukraine can be easily transformed into a base for receiving components for the planes developed by the Antovov design bureau. And finally third, despite the development of duplicating production, Russia very much needs aircraft engines due to its increased ambitions. Of course, there is a positive aspect: a stable Russian market with the prospect of a single guideline when it comes to exporting planes. The Russian Federation supplies its finished produce to the whole world, while Ukraine supplies components to Russia. One should not think that all these are the Kremlin's cunning tricks. Ukraine itself actually created all the prerequisites for distorted orientation at Russia. Moscow controls the key Ukrainian aircraft building projects anyway. 本文来自:成功励志网